Flashlight Information

Important Battery Information

IMPEL Tronics’ flashlights are very high quality High Lumen LED flashlights requiring optimal batteries for peak performance.  All batteries are not created equal.

There are many batteries on the market that will allow our flashlights to operate with optimal performance.  Just as in any electronic device it is important to match the performance of the power supply (battery), to the device (High Lumen LED flashlight) being powered.

IMPEL Tronics is committed to providing products that will give you many years of high endurance.  We hope you enjoy or product as much as we enjoy making them.


LED Flashlights

LED flashlights are driven by an electronic circuit powered by either batteries or a built in chargeable cell.  LED flashlights can produce a much higher level of heat due to the high lumen output.


A lumen is a measurement of candle light each square foot of a surface at a radius of one foot from the light source.


Short for Light-Emitting Diode.  An LED is a special type of semiconductor that illuminates when an electrical charge passes through it. LEDs are commonly white, green or red; however can be an assortment of other colors. A good example of an LED is the led status indicators on your home coffee maker or your computer’s keyboard.  In our case it is the device that creates the light coming from the flashlight and can be extremely bright and generate high heat


A Semiconductor device allows electrical current to flow in only one direction and first invented by John Fleming.

“Aircraft” Aluminum

The material used to create the main flashlight “shell”.  This typically carries an industry designation of 6061.  It is selected for its low weight high strength characteristics and used in the construction of aircraft.  It is non-magnetic and proves excellent heat transfer.  Our high intensity flashlights may become warmer “to the touch” than the user might expect.  The aluminum case is designed to draw the heat away from the LED and the embedded electronic circuit to protect these devices.